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I'm trying to create a Managed Service Account on Windows 7. I've followed the steps in the guide to Managed Service Accounts to enable the Active Directory Powershell snap-in.

The first thing I notice is that when I do import-module ActiveDirectory, I get a warning

'Error initializing default drive: 'Unable to find a default server with Acitve Directory Web Services running.'

Then I get a similar error ("Unable to find a default server with Active Directory Web Services running") when I issue the command new-adserviceaccount TrialManagementApp.

I figure that I'm probably getting the errors about not being able to find the server because our Domain Server is Windows 2003, rather than 2008 R2, but should that make a difference? I don't need the account to be on the domain, I just want to use it on my PC.

Does anybody have any insight as to what's going on here?

And as a supplementary question: given the problems I'm having relating to the Domain Server, are Managed Service Accounts supported in a Workgroup environment where there is no Domain Server?

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2008R2 domains would have Active Directory Web Services by default. In a 2003/2008 domain, you will need to install Active Directory Management Gateway Service before you can use the ActiveDirectory Powershell modules.

You cannot, in any supporting documentation I have read, use Managed Service Accounts without an AD domain.

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