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Can someone explain the following concepts to me as the relate to measuring the data transfer of data from my web site.

Whats the difference between a cache, a primed cache and an empty cache?

Can you give a a definition for each?

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Cache: Some sort of memory-space for data to be stored, from here it is possible to retrieve data faster than the source location, in order to improve performance. For example, RAM on a computer can be used as cache for data on hard disk to improve performance. Another example is a web browser that has a local copy of something because it is faster than grabbing it over the net.

Primed Cache: A Cache that contains some of the data from the source location. So with the browser example, you may have a copy of an image saved on disk or in memory so you don't have to grab it over the net.

Empty Cache: Cache space that is available but has yet to have anything loaded into it. You have space to store some image from a web page, but never retrieved it so you don't have a cached copy yet.

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