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I'm on a x64 Windows 7 Machine and I have to regularly connect to multiple Win2003 and Win2008 servers through RDP.

I use the built-in RDP Client, but having multiple ones open clutters the taskbar and sometimes I don't see if I'm already connected and connect again etc.

I just wonder if there is a tool that gives me a view a bit similar to how VMWare displays PCs, that is with a sidebar of all my saved sessions, (optionally) displaying a thumbnail.

Essentially this: RDP Example

Does such a tool exist?

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Check out Microsoft's RDCMan (Remote Desktop Connection Manager). Allows you to group sessions (start all at once) and offers thumbnail views. Works well and I use it on some of my machines.

On my main work machine I use the free version of mRemote. Not only does it do remote desktop but also offers VNC, telnet, ICA, SSH, HTTP/S. A pretty solid all-in-one approach.

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I like mRemote too. – mfinni Jul 10 '10 at 2:50
Didn't know RDCMan, cool. Does what I need :) – Michael Stum Jul 11 '10 at 1:47

There are a number of tools for this. I use RoyalTS.

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