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Is there a mapping from the /dev major minor device number to the output of lspci (domain:bus:slot number)? I would like to determine the closest CPU to a specific hardware device.

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I assume you're talking about a x86 platform with a BIOS. I don't think there is a direct correlation, it's just the way numbered it is detected, depending on a lot of factors, esp. the BIOS.

Maybe you can invent your own scheme by using udev-rules. Here is a tutorial. The KERNELS variable seems to be relevant indicator here.

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What kind of device? Some (i.e. network interfaces) don't have a device node - but for things like block devices, you can grab bits out of sysfs:

$ readlink /sys/block/sda/device/scsi_device*/device 
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It turns out that this character device actually had a device show capability with a command line switch in one of its control programs. The mapping turned out to follow the mapping of lspci (devices displayed in order of discovery) so I assume the PCI discovery method must walk forward in a similar manner.

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