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I am compiling a few ports on FreeBSD, however during the compiling process I am often greeted with options for the dependencies of the port. This causes the compiling process to pause until I select (or in 9/10 cases, just leave the defaults) "OK". This is inconvenient because the compiling process is often long, I would like to walk away from the computer and not worry about having to select options.

I am wondering if there is an argument or compiler flag I can use to automatically use all defaults for dependencies of the port that I am compiling.

I tried to research this, but most likely I was not using the correct terminology in my queries.

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The best option (IMHO) is to set all the options at the very start. You can do this by running make config-recursive.

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Thanks very much, works splendidly! – Ben Jul 11 '10 at 0:28

Just add BATCH=1 to /etc/make.conf.

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or the command-line, even ... – Phil P Jul 15 '10 at 8:16

It seems like you are using portupgrade. I recommend using ports-mgmt/portmaster. One of the reasons is that it runs make config recursively before starting to compile, so the options screen won't interrupt the compiling process. And you won't have to think about running make config-recursive.

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