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Is there a way to see all the current Apache rules in effect?

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There are a bunch of flags for:


Otherwise you need to cat the httpd.conf in apache's directory (and all the other files it includes).

To find it:

ps -ef | grep httpd

And look in the directory in which httpd lives and start from there.

However, this doesn't tell you which rules are in effect for a specific given directory or URL. That gets pretty complicated, given rewrite rules and such. I have never seen a "dump all the rules that affect me if I'm in spot X" tool, though that would be pretty neat.

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If reading the configuration files is too problematic, you might be able to get their contents in a slightly more script-friendly form from mod_info. That reads the configuration files and outputs the parsed results to a web-page at a designated location. You could then run something like lynx --dump and might keep it in a fairly regular format.

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