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With a recent version of CYGWIN (installed yesterday) on Windows 7, we are having a weird problem getting rxvt to work.

We used to use the following batch file:

@echo off

chdir C:\cygwin\bin

rxvt -fn 18x18 -bg black -fg white -g 85x55 -sr -e bash --login -i

To launch rxvt. On our new machines, rxvt starts and immediately terminates.

Using the supplied cygwin shortcut (to lauch bash) and then executing the command:

rxvt -fn 18x18 -bg black -fg white -g 85x55 -sr -e bash --login -i

produces the right result, however.

Any ideas how to make a batch file that will launch rxvt properly? What has changed that is leading to this script (which we have been using for years) to suddenly stop working?

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You need to specify '/bin/bash' instead of just 'bash'. Previous versions of Cygwin looked up an executable in the current directory if they couldn't find it in the PATH, but that was wrong for a Unix environment.

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