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I have a domain registered through Network Solutions, I have it setup to point to a Blogger account I have setup. I followed the instructions at:

It loads fine.

But when I goto, it redirects to a subdomain that no longer exists (example: I think it's from an old DNS setting I had setup at 1&1 hosting a while ago. I no longer have access to my 1&1 account, so I can't view what DNS settings were in place.

How do I edit the DNS Settings at Network Solutions so that also points to where also points to?

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Have you asked Network Solutions about this? Chances are they can help you. – John Gardeniers Jul 14 '10 at 3:10
I have not. I've just been tweaking the DNS records to get this to work, which with my latest CNAME addition, seems to have resolved this issue. – spong Jul 14 '10 at 3:33

DNS and HTTP are completely separate protocols.

HTTP handles redirects. So if the url is changing (redirect) it's in the HTTP Server configuration.

DNS handles A & C-Name records; and the default record for must exist as it redirect. Sounds like DNS is setup correctly (probably).

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I ended up adding a CNAME record. So whenever occurs, it redirects back to

Host Aliases (CNAME Records)
Alias a domain name for another domain.

Alias                 TTL      Refers to Host Name         7200 

This seems to have fixed my problem for me.

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This is not a redirect. Unless you have code in your HTTP configuration that redirects all non www prefixed traffic, it'll just be another way to access you're site. Users will see; not – Chris S Jul 14 '10 at 3:14
I don't know anything about code in an HTTP configuration since this the site is hosted by Blogger ( Also, I'm not sure I'm using the term 'redirect' correctly. Previous to this CNAME addition, loaded the url, which doesn't exist, a Google error page occurs. Now typing in brings up I'd rather it be, but I think Blogger requires www. – spong Jul 14 '10 at 3:33

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