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I have a large directory tree with lot of files like;


I would like to rsync all those directories and files that match thumbnail.jpg to another tree.

I tried;

rsync -r --exclude-from=/tmp/exclude src dst

with exclude file containing;

# cat /tmp/exclude 
+ /thumbnail.jpg
+ thumbnail.jpg
+ /**/thumbnail.jpg
+ **/thumbnail.jpg
- *

but this does not match any.

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use find

find / -name "thumbnail.jpg" -exec rsync -avz --compress --progress {} dst \;
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that looks like it would work. though if you had a bazillion files in src and dst was a remote rsync module like serverXXX::modulename, then that would be kinda inefficient...? – Tom H Jul 14 '10 at 9:32

ok, so actually RTFM always works in the end...

changing the command to;

rsync -r --prune-empty-dirs --exclude-from=/tmp/exclude src dst

and changing the exclude file to;

# cat /tmp/exclude 
+ */
+ thumbnail.jpg
- *

works like a charm.

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Your problem is that the final - * excludes all directories (which tells rsync not just not to copy them but also not to traverse them). Use

+ thumbnail.jpg
+ */
- *

and pass --prune-empty-dirs on the rsync command line.

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