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I recently purchased WSS 3.0 hosting from a local provider who set my environment up as For a couple weeks, any requests for the URL would resolve correctly and show the same site as A few days ago, however, I started getting prompted to enter a UID and PWD via Basic Auth for requests to If I enter a valid UID and PWD, I am taken to a "Not Authorized" error page from SharePoint (not the default one from IIS). If I enter into the browser, all works as expected.

I reported this to my host, but they're telling me "we set it up for www, so that's the only URL that will work".

Anyone know how I can fix this issue?

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(Your Hosting Company may have to do this, and honestly they should know how...)

In IIS: Right click on your and select Edit Bindings. Add a new HTTP binding for to listen to the same IP addresses and Ports as the www binding.

Note! If you use absolute links (, for examle) anywhere in the system you will get strange behavior (likely requireing re-authentication) as you inadvertantly browse to the site instead of So, in all of your links and references to site resources use relative URLs (/images/mylogo.png instead of the full www.mydomain etc...)

The other (more SharePoint friendly) method is to set up a second IIS site for and have it redirect the client to


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That worked - thanks! – Chris Koenig Jul 22 '10 at 3:44

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