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I can't figure out where the the mongrel_rails process is getting started on an Amazon EC2 box. I am launching this instance:

Ruby on Rails Web Starter (AMI Id: ami-bf3968fa)

I think there is a non standard script getting run:


but I don't see any way that it is getting hit from rc3.d or rc5.d since there is no link to that script anywhere in those directories. I can't find any instance of any call to that script in /etc at all. Where is heck is that process getting started?

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Finally found the answer! Writing this down so I can find this again.

This AMI image has a brain dead installation. The rails services are not being started by the init.d scripts. Note that both the mysqld service and the rails_mogrel are being started by crontab!??!! Why would anyone do this?

more /var/spool/cron/root 

will return:

# restart your mongrel server
@reboot /bin/sh /home/webuser/helloworld/
@reboot /bin/sh /etc/init.d/mysqld start

I edited crontab for root via:

crontab -e

and rebooted and noticed that rails was not running!

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