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Making webpages on the server accessible

I have just set up a LAMP EC2 instance using rightscale when I got to the link:


I get the standard apache welcome page. Now on my server I have the directory '/var/www/html/' where I can put my 'publicly' viewable web-pages. I have added a directory in here with some php script which are now at:


When I go to:


The script doesnt run (php is working) - i.e. I get 'Not found' - i.e. cant even find the page. I have set permissions to the directory and file to 777 (using chmod).

Can anyone please tell me what I am not doing? I want to be able to run the php from a web browser

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Check you httpd.conf file. It seems to be a configuration issue with DocumentRoot.

IIRC, Apache on debian is set to have a DocumentRoot configured like this

DocumentRoot /var/www

If so, you can view your script via your browser with following URL:


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