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I wonder, if there are any faster builds of zlib around with more advanced optimizations?

If it's possible to optimize it using SSE instructions or Intel C++ compiller, or some trick which were patented earlier (I know patents were a serious limitation during gzip/zlib development), have anyone bothered to implement that?

I am especially interested in compression speed, which have a direct impact on high-performance web-services serving static & dynamic content.

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Not a rebuild, but two good alternatives to zlib are quicklz and fastlz. Both are very fast relative to gzip -1, but do not achieve as good of a compression ratio. For my application, size was going up 10-15% but compression speed was 6x, so a very good tradeoff.

Of course neither is compatible with zlib, so it may not work for you.

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Yes, I would need compatible one, for both API and algorithm. –  BarsMonster Jul 17 '10 at 4:33

Another alternative is the miniz library (public domain, unlicense.org), which implements most of the zlib API in a single C source file and reads/writes zlib-compatible compressed data streams. At compression level 1 it uses a real-time compressor which is extremely fast (a little slower than minilzo, but with higher compression).

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