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I Synchronized a database from one server to another server by using Replication... Server1 is Publisher and Server2 is Subscriber. I have created a table in that database in both the servers. when i added a data into that table,It will also reflected in server2 also... Its Working Properly... but now i dont want to create that table in both the servers... When i created a table in Server1(Publisher) then it should automatically create in Server2 also....That i want to create any one of the server and it have to create another database in another server......

is this possible? If so, how shall i do this?
Can any one tell me the Solution of this?

Thanks in Advance!!!

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you will get better answers on ServerFault for this. – Raj More Jul 14 '10 at 12:44

SQL Server Replication is specific to an object, not to the entire database.

If you want it to replicate tables, you will have to place a trigger on the source database SysObjects table and each time a new table is added you can run EXEC sp_addarticle with the appropriate parameters

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Thanks for the reply. Will check and let you know!!!! :-) – Suryakavitha Jul 14 '10 at 12:53

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