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On a Mediatemple gridserver, I'm trying to run this by a cron set in the control panel:

usr/bin/python /home/xxxxx/html/ --config=/home/xxxxx/html/config.xml

But I get the error "python: can't open file '/home/95809/html/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory." But the files are there. MT requires the paths, and there is no difference in the error without the paths.

I can run it manually from ssh:

python --config=config.xml

and have chmoded the script for execution.

Is there a different way to run this script that will work?

MT doesn't have direct examples of python scripts run by cron, and doesn't offer support.

Is there a way to wrap the script in another script - like a bash script - to get away from having to include the paths or invoke python, which I think might be the problem?

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Two things i would suggest:

  1. Try to run the command manually on the command line if you have access
  2. Verify that your user has execute permissions on the file /home/xxxxx/html/

EDIT: oh duh ... try using the full path to python so if the python executable is in /usr/bin it would be : /usr/bin/python /home/xxx/html/ <blah blah blah>

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Thanks, but I should have mentioned that I tried both already. Is there a way to wrap the script in another script - like a bash script - to get away from having to include the paths, which I think might be the problem? Does that make any sense? – markratledge Jul 16 '10 at 14:39
Good point, and when I knew what to look for, MT does say that the path to python is usr/bin/python. But still the same error. Tried moving everything to root but then the can't find the sitemap.xml.gz file, even when I put the full path in the config.xml file. – markratledge Jul 16 '10 at 15:22

Create a dummy script (Just print somethign ) and run it via crond. Maybe crond doesn't have the necessary permissions to even read the file.

Propably your user have permissions so can execute it, but crond doesn't

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