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I am using a ASA5520 with 8.2.2(ED) Image and the RDP Java Plugin for Termialserver connections. The version of the Plugin is 1.1.1. "rdp-plugin.090915.jar" and "rdp2-plugin.090211.jar"

everything is working fine, except the fact that clients are not able to do fullscreen.

I already tried different combinations of bookmarks like:


rdp://ts-server-ip?FullScreen=true etc..

but with no effect. Anyone got this to work?

unfortunatelly a solution with smart-tunnels is not an options, because clients do not have permission to run activeX scripts.

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I have it working but only if the used client is the RDP one launched by Active X and not the Java One - i.e you used WebVPN from Internet Explorer and have security settings allowing Active X

I guess it doesn't affect Java version, I never get it working when Java client loads.

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you've been right, it isn't possible without activeX. I found this in the help screen: Parameters that only take effect for the ActiveX client are: * RedirectDrives - set to true to map remote drives locally * RedirectPrinters - set to true to map remote printers locally * FullScreen - set to true to start in FullScreen mode – sam Jul 22 '10 at 12:17

Good Syntax is:


You have forgot a slash betwen Ip-address and Parameters

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