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We have a virtual dedicated server with a fairly large amount of traffic. We use GoDaddy using CPanel. We have 10GIG of space of which about 80% is not our content but logs and server utilities.

Godaddy support is evasive and they are trying to encourage us to migrate to new service with 15GIG.

Reviewing the large files we found the following:

We have a ton old TMP files at this directory.
/public_html/files/TMP/FILE_PERSISTANCE_PROVIDER: (no access)

some large files in these directories.

/usr/local/apache/logs/ - suphp_log (220M) - access_log (7M) - error_log (5M)

/usr/local/apache/domlogs/ (no access)

/usr/local/cpanel/ (no access)




  1. What can we safely delete or truncate?
  2. How can we change permissions on files with no access to delete?
  3. Is there utility to monitor and clean up temp files
  4. Other files/programs that we can delete?

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