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If this is even possible, what I need to do...

My organization has a single sharepoint installation. On this same box, Exchange 2k10 is installed and running with all of the roles for that instance (mailbox, hub transport, etc).

It has been expressed that I need to have sharepoint listen to it's SMTP service on the box, and accept incoming E-mail (for announcements, etc - one of sharepoints core features).

BUUUUUT - since Exchange is already running on that box, is this even an option? And, if it in fact IS a possibility - please point me to a configuration sampling.

ANY information you guys can throw my way, would be more than appreciated.

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You don't have to install an STMP service - SharePoint can pick up incoming emails from a drop folder on the hard disk or direct from an email server so you shouldn't have any problems with Exchange on the same box.

See "Using an Advanced scenario"

TechNet - Plan incoming e-mail (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

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Thank you very much for this information - I will be checking in to this very shortly. – usslindstrom Jul 19 '10 at 23:08

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