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Any up to date tutorial (for dummys) on how to setup Postfix + Dovecot with virtual users on Debian?

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You asked for "up to date", so something from 2007 shouldn't be too far off:

If that's too old, then it doesn't look like there's 1 specific tutorial covering what you're looking for (maybe you could write one when you get done?) but a combination should work:

No date given, and not debian specific, but "apt-get install dovecot postfix" should get you to where you can use this:

and for virtual users and dovecot:

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The workaround tutorial got me up and running with postfix+dovecot back when it was a sarge tutorial. +1 – Alex J May 31 '09 at 12:35

I have posted one on my wiki but it's in French. You can always use Google Translate to translate it but it works really well.

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I find there's a lot of good sysadmin tutorials on HowToForge, including several Postfix ones.

You will sometimes have to read tutorials for other distros, but they're not hard to make the slightly different steps work (ie replace yum for apt-get sometimes is all you need to do).

Here's one that looks like what you exactly want: Groupware Server With Group-Office, Postfix, Dovecot And SpamAssassin On Debian Lenny (5.0)

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Not Debian, but still, Ubuntu's not that far off -- I found this tutorial very helpful:

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Great Tut:

work for me like a charme wih 400 Mailboxes and 100G Mails...

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