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Just recently I found out a server can use a certification to check if a client is who they say they are. I know how to sign and enable server certifications but how do i have the server check if the client certification is valid on apache?

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I hate just linking an article, but is this what your looking for?

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These are the main configuration entries that you are looking for:

SSLCACertificateFile <path to valid CA certs>
SSLVerifyClient reqiure
SSLVerifyDepth 5

You need to specify what root CAs you trust by setting the appropriate CA certs. If you are using it in-house, you can become your own root CA and use that to issue client certs to your browsers. Otherwise, you will need to use a valid CA root cert (they're typically bundled or you can download them).

Once that is done, you will have an extra environment variable when a verified client connects called SSL_CLIENT_S_DN and several others.

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