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I`m talking about DELL PowerConnect 6248 here.

For Module 1 bay you can buy PowerConnect 6xxx SFP+ Module supports up to two SFPs (no SFPs included)

Can i plug into these those Transceivers that are offered for front end SFP ports :

SFP Optical Transceiver, 1000BASE-LX, LC

instead of what DELL offers for Modular Upgrade Bay 1: Optics: ??

POWERCONNECT 6XXX Long Range, Single-Mode SFP+ Optic


That is 1Gbit instead of 10Gbit.

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The modules should be compatible (at the lower speed); but you should confirm this with Dell first. Newer switches typically require a SFP rev B or C (or 2/3 depending on what moniker the manufacturer is using). The 10Gb SFP+ sockets are usually backward compatible with SFP Rev.C, but because the SFP+ socket works differently this is not guaranteed.

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