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I have a basic Ubuntu Server 9.04 install with Postfix freshly installed via apt-get. When I do a

sendmail -bv

where vlewis is a unix account.

The delivery report I get says that it failed to deliver because the address is a bad recipient address.

    This is the mail system at host

    Enclosed is the mail delivery report that you requested.

                       The mail system

    : delivery via local: delivers to command:

    : delivery via local: bad recipient address syntax:

Why is it rewriting the username. Please help. This is driving me nuts!

(I'm adding this string to make this problem less Google resistant because you cannot Google for -f- so I add dash f dash in an attempt to help).

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Does that user have a .forward file setup?

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That fixed it. The user had a .forward that piped through procmail (the home directory was copied from an old system) and Postfix was already using procmail. – Victor May 31 '09 at 17:12
Great, I'm glad :-) (Feel free to vote me up) ;-) – Matt Simmons May 31 '09 at 23:05

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