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We are getting and error, where the user clicks on a button and receives a message stating timeout after some time. On checking the IIS logs or eventviewer we do not find an entry for the same. Thus it is not possible to arrive at the cause of issue, as to why the request is not reaching the IIS server.

In case if it could be a network issue, please help to diagnose the problem by providing pointer to a tool to monitor etc

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I would start troubleshooting the issue using Fiddler. This should show me where the request is waiting.. Also, I would check HTTPErr logfile located at C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\HTTPERR and check for HTTP.sys status of the request.

Let me know if you need assistance looking at the Fiddler or HTTPErr logs.

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I would start with running something like Wireshark or Network Monitor on the client and looking at the HTTP traffic to see what is going on.

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