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Possibly stupid question: can I use a regular router (in facts its a Netgear Firewall) with an SDSL connection?

This of course works fine with an ADSL connection. I know its all xDSL but is the tech. different enough to mean my hardware may not be compatible?

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It's just a router or a router/modem where you attach the line? – Pier Jul 22 '10 at 12:46
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Normal router should work fine, as long as you are not expecting it to do the physical layer SDSL connection. Connection would be:

SDSL Equipment -- Router -- LAN

I only say this because it is so common to find combined ADSL modem, router, switch, firewall thought of as just an ADSL router. I have seen a router (ASA 5505) do the PPoE negotation which would normally be handled by the ADSL equipment, but the ADSL modem was still required.

Aside - is "ADSL modem" the correct name for the bit that talks to the phone line?

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Yes, the bit that talks to the phone line it's in fact a modem. – Mr Shunz Jul 22 '10 at 12:36

It should work, just ask for a modem with ethernet interface. Here many SDSL/HDSL router supplied by ISPs have still a v35/v36 serial interface.

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