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I'm looking to set up a FTP Server and have a spare XP box that I want to use. I know XP limits user connections to 10? Will this effect the number of FTP users who can login at the same time?

Also, I'm using a 3rd party FTP server so I don't need to issues (Windows accounts for any of the FTP clients)

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Per microsoft "The TCP connection limit is not enforced, but it may be bound by legal agreement to not permit more than 10 clients."

Edit: Source -

The section that I quoted was from their development part, but thats why other tools such as a non-microsoft ftp will work.

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If its a 3rd party software that is handling the logins and not IIS, then XPs user limit should not come into play at all.

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Windows may not enforce the limit, but legally you're limited to 10 client connections. – Chris S Jul 22 '10 at 19:46
I realize there is an "ethical" limit, but the question that was asked was if it would affect the number of users logged in. The answer, is "No" – DanBig Jul 22 '10 at 19:55

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