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I'm a newby - so go easy on me please :)

I have a Win 2003 Server at home, and I want to register a domain name so that I can access it remotely. I have seen other companies using to access via RDP.

How do I go about this, I've been looking around for some help with this but all of the domain stuff is a bit confusing to me to know where to start looking.

Thanks muchly.


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I think you meant to say "debacle" right? – MDMarra Jul 23 '10 at 0:27
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You probably don't need to register for a domain name if this is solely for your own remote access purposes. Since you probably don't have a static IP at home, you want to use a dynamic DNS service like dyndns.

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Free way: use a dynamic dns name. Sites like DynDNS will let you set up a hostname like You would install their client on your system so that whenever your IP address changes, they update the user-friendly name.

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