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first of all I am just getting to know about webDAV and appreciate your patience. I have a virtual directory on IIS 6 (windows 2003) that is based on a network share on a file server different from web server. something like where myreport is based on \myfileserver\reports. I have been asked by network folks to not use the UNC path like that for security reason and try to explore using webDAV. What I have been told is webDAV can give me a UNC path without requiring to open the ports required for a file server UNC path. Then I can use the new UNC path to map my virtual directory and my code will not require any change.

Help: Being new to webDAV, I did some research over the web. I now can create a web folder in fileserver. I put IIS on file server as well. I can browse the content as http:://fileserver/mywebDAVreports which is based on reports folder.

But I don't know how to get a UNC for this web folder to be able to map my virtual directory on web server. I appreciate any help on this. Regards, Amar

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I got it working. I did 3 things to get there.

1- I uninstalled Frontpage extension 2000 from the file server.

2- I removed all custom headers from the file server's IIS

3-I had anonymous access on website roor but not on the virtual directory of web folder. I made change to get consistency. I disabled anonymous access and enabled Integrated authentication on the website as well as on the virtual directory.

This allowed me to access the web folder using UNC path. I can now use this UNC path as physical path to a virtual directory on my web server ( different from file server). Yes I could map the virtual directory not to the root of the webDAV share but to one of its subfolders. So http:/mywebserver/Reports virtual directory is mapped to \fileserver\mywebDavShare\MyReports. I can now see teh files and folders under MyReports in IIS Manager. Thanks, AR

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Thanks for providing your solution! Go ahead and mark your question as "answered" by clicking the box. – gWaldo Sep 23 '10 at 19:04

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