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I have a client that is sending email from a Yahoo! Plus account as if from her own domain. Is there a way to set up the SPF record so that it covers all of Yahoo!'s outgoing servers? i.e., what do I put for YAHOO_SPF here in the TXT record?

v=spf1 +a +mx +YAHOO_SPF ?all


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While Google Apps makes this simple, I don't think Yahoo! does.

Yahoo! favors DomainKeys over SPF, to the point that they don't publish SPF records for their own domain:

$ host -t txt yahoo.com
yahoo.com has no TXT record

The other think to think about is that this rule could presumably allow anyone else with a Yahoo! Plus account to spoof mail from your domain (assuming proper controls were not implemented on the Yahoo! side when the mails were accepted).

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