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I am installing SLES11 on my server (8 x 1TB disks), and I am installing the Xen Hypervisor mode(but I guess the is irrelevant to my question).

I have a question how to setup my disks paritions (I want to use the 8 disk as JBOD mode --i.e, simply mount them for usage, NO any RAID mechanism). I can't figure out how to setup the "Expert Partitioner" right now, can someone give me a help?

how should I play with that step to get what I want?

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You could set up a logical volume (LVM). In yast (type yast command as root), go to System > Partitioner and select Volume Management.

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LVM is really good for this. It's a bit hard to figure out from the Expert screen, but it can be done. – sysadmin1138 Aug 5 '10 at 20:06

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