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How can I install java JDK on CentOS 5.4 using yum?

I have JRE only, but it's not enough.

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You can install the Java Development package group using

# yum groupinstall "Java Development"
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FYI, this installs GCJ, not the Oracle/Sun JDK. Use yum groupinfo "Java Development" for more information. – Matt Solnit Jul 25 '10 at 22:28
And I'm getting JDK 1.4, instead of 1.5.. Can I get 1.5 somehow? – yegor256 Jul 26 '10 at 6:55
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I can't do it with yum. I had to do it manually, downloading JDK and installing it.

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Download the JDK rpm-bin version, unpack it, wrap it into your own repository, add the repository to your CentOS and then install.

Or use yum localinstall RPM. Why did you ask this?

We do something along the above lines to be able to distribute JDK-Updates to all our CentOS servers using yum-cron.

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