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I'd be generally ok with guest and an empty password as I don't need any access rights management among my users. But the server is a remote internet-accessed machine, so I'd prefer to set a good password for it. What's the most simple way? Can I just specify a password in samba.conf, or absolutely need to use LDAP or add users to the server system?

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You shouldn't expose samba to the WAN side of your network just like that. Instead use a ssh tunnel or a VPN to connect to samba over WAN. If you do so, guest accounts don't matter any more than they do on a LAN. – Jasper Jul 26 '10 at 21:08

Make sure you set: guest ok = yes and guest = guest in smb.conf. Make sure SELinux isn't getting in your way while you are testing setenforce 0. You may also need valid users = guest

You would probably need to set the password for the guest user using smbpasswd –a guest as well (if user exists -a may not be needed.) Make sure to remember to restart samba. service samba restart (might be smbd restart can't remember off top of my head).

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You don't need to restart samba, smbcontrol smbd reload-config will do. – Jasper Jul 26 '10 at 21:05

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