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Does anyone have any information on the prerequisites for sending HTTPS requests from SAP? I'm able to send HTTP Posts ok but I can't get a request to be sent over HTTPS. This is from ABAP

I guess the core of the issue is what needs to be done to tell SAP to use a HTTPS connection not the standard HTTP.



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You need to expand on your question as it isn't clear what you are trying to do. Plus is this from an SAP ABAP stack or Java stack? – Techboy Nov 2 '10 at 11:58
@Techboy - simple really,I want to send a POST over HTTPS not just HTTP. How do I configure SAP to handle the SSL handshake? – Chris McCauley Nov 3 '10 at 14:36
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Are you posting via an HTTP RFC?

If so:

  • go to transaction SM59
  • choose HTTP Connections to External Server
  • Select the RFC
  • Edit

Technical settings tab:

  • Target Host = the server you are sending the HTTP POST to
  • Service No = the port number (e.g. 443)

Logon & Security tab:

  • Basic Authentication
  • SSL = Active
  • SSL Client Certificate = DEFAULT SSL Client (Standard) (this needs to be configured in transaction STRUST if not already done so)
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