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I just installed Nginx on my machine to run Nginx. After install and config. I try to run nginx and got this problem:

bind() to failed (1:Operation not permitted)

I have no idea what this problem is and how to fix it. Google cannot find any related result also.

Is there anyway to fix?

Thank you

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A random guess would be that either

  • The account you are using doesn't have permissions to open the port you have specified
  • The port is already in use.

Try temporarily disabling any firewalls and any kernel level security apps (apparmor/selinux). Use netstat -ntlp to see if anything else is already using the port.

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As you notice the "permission" word. I found the answer. Read below: – DucDigital Jul 27 '10 at 2:32

I found the problem, it's because of the permission that run CYGWIN.

On Windows 7 or Vista, need to run CYGWIN as administrator to be able to bind this port.

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