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For CentOS installation CDs, you can install OS, as well as booting into "rescue" mode so that you can do a chroot mount on the system partition for problem solving, even the system is installed in hardware RAID drives. How can we create a similar thing but on usb flash drive? I tried to do it with unetbootin, but when booting into the USB, eventually the CentOS setup still requires presence of CDs.

Ultimately, I want to use this usb flash drive for remote disaster recovery through say HP iLo remote console / Dell iDrac etc.

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IIRC, Dell DRACs can boot from a user-supplied media. Have you tried this option? –  Kevin M Jul 27 '10 at 4:55
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If you have a sufficiently large USB drive, you can just put the entire contents of the CDs on the drive. If not, you can copy the CDs to a local web server and use the URL option to point to your web server.

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