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every day Domain Controller backup reports some warnings about these files:


They are always locked by some process and Data Protector could not backup them. As I backup the System State too, is it safe to set an excepion on these files for file system backup? Can I exclude the whole ntfrs and security folders?

Thank you all for help!

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Those the the Windows registry database files, so they are always open (as long as Windows is running). Backing up the registry through the proper utilities/facilities (e.g. ERD) will take care of any information you need to protect there.

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This is partially incorrect, WINDOWS\ntfrs is related to the File Replication Service while WINDOWS\security seems to be related to Windows Security files, they are not registry databases. I agree about windows keeps opens these files but the question is if they are part of the system state or not. – Danilo Brambilla Aug 2 '12 at 15:24

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