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I am primarily a software developer and have limited experience setting up servers. I have been tasked with creating an HTTP/HTTPS server for use testing. What are some good guides/online resources for learning how to do a basic Apache HTTP set up? Nothing too complicated, just a good beginners guide. I am using Ubuntu Linux.

Edit: To be even more specific, here's a few things I definitely need to do:

1) Install the apache HTTP server into Ubuntu

2) Get it to host a server on that just throws up a basic HTML page, nothing fancy, just hey here I am!

3) Be able to modify outgoing headers and read incoming headers

4) Be able to do all the same stuff in SSL/TLS

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Windows or Linux? – jer.salamon Jul 27 '10 at 11:53
Ubuntu Linux, sorry should have specified. – themaestro Jul 27 '10 at 12:01
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Howto Forge has plenty of hand-holding tutorials.

LAMP on Ubuntu 10.4

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It is a very boring answer but you can't really go wrong with

I think it is well written and should be able to guide you through regardless of level.

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Also the ubuntu documentation has a page on this subject. See here:

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Most important, make sure it isn't reachable over the interwebs for the start ;-)

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