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I need to get alerted when a new directory or sub directory is created within the root directory that I am monitoring. The alert has to be triggered to a PHP file. How do I do this on CentOS? Is inotify the best route to take? I just need to know when a new directory is created and the location. So I am looking for the simplest of ideas to do this.

  • I have full control of the server
  • I just need to monitor creation of a directory
  • Alerts have to be sent to a PHP file (directly or indirectly)

Please send through any ideas you might have.

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If you add the EPEL repo to your CentOS host there is an "incron" package available which works with inotify to do what you're looking to do. Here's the docs:

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incron won't work recursively though. inotifywatch from inotify-tools will. – Dennis Williamson Jul 27 '10 at 22:51

CentOS 6.3 has inotifywait built in.

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You might consider adding more detail to your answer. How long has it been in CentOS? – Jacob Mar 18 '13 at 22:11

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