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I am looking for a good load balancing (or reverse proxy) software for TCP and HTTP, any suggestions?

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For HTTP, look at Nginx, Varnish, or Pound. For general TCP software load balancing, look at HAProxy and Balance.

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HaProxy might be of use to you.

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nginx works quite well as a caching reverse proxy and can be configured in a load balance/fail-over setup. Perhaps if you can describe the application we can provide you more specific recommendations.

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If it's even remotely possible I'd recommend using round-robin DNS.

  • its cheap (free)
  • easy to configure/manage
  • pushes fail-over functionality to the client allowing multi-site failover without split-brain issues
  • it doesn't break
  • session affinity is implicit (even for stateless HTTP)


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haproxy is the best loadbalancing software I came across, I can highly recommend it, even for high traffic (>100mbit/s) websites. Pound sucks performance-wise and does not have a lot of basic features.

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