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I need a RDP client that I could share with fellow administrators, so that everybody doesn't have to create the connections for themselves and updating multiple places when something changes.

So, required features:

  • organization of connection profiles (tree or something similar)
  • ability to set password for whole collection (or better yet, per tree hive *)
  • multiuser ready - number of persons accessing central location for connections at the same time
  • MDI or tabbed (preferred) interface for open connections
  • encryption for password protected file/hive *
  • ability to use current logon creditentials *
  • file based connection database (so it would be easy to share the file via Dropbox)
  • runs in windows
  • no bloat

Not required, but would be nice:

  • possibility to import RDP connection files *
  • SSH/VNC/X11
  • Keepass integration for password management *
  • runs also on linux *
  • free

probably forgot something, but even these features would satisfy.

*-indicates features that mRemote doesnt have (AFAIK) or doesn't implement well enough for me

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I use Terminals, not all the features included but I'm fine with it. And Alt-Tab is a nice feature that it has on a RDP. – Paul Jul 28 '10 at 16:26
Been looking for similar tool long ago with no luck. I wonder our gurus answer with a really good software. – Carlos Garcia Jan 31 '11 at 9:21

I've really gotten to like the new RDCMan from Microsoft. It's got most of the features that you wanted. Features that it includes that i really like:

  • Right click connection and logoff/disconnect session. Also list all sessions and log off other user if necessary.
  • Undock session and move it to other monitor
  • See snapshots of all sessions

Plus there's a powershell script here: MS Script Library that will get all servers from your domain and create a connection list.

I've used most of the other free connection managers: mRemoteNG, Terminals, RemoteDesktopManager and this one currently is one of the best free ones.

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VisionApp remote desktop - awesome app

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