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BCDEdit allows for editing the bcd store of the current system drive (C: drive). Is there also a way to create and edit the bcd store of a secondary drive, so the system can boot from it later on? (For instance, by physically moving the drive to another machine as the primary disk)



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Run your BCDEDIT commands using the /store parameter:

bcdedit /store E:\boot\BCD /enum
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That was easy.. :-) Thanks! – Max Jul 28 '10 at 21:06

You can edit a non-system BCD by simply dropping it on Visual BCD Editor icon.

The system BCD is opened on start of program by default.

The concept of Visual BCD Editor is to avoid typing and execute all commands through visual selection in a graphical environment.

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Oh wow, 5 years later. :) thanks! – Max Mar 20 at 11:24
Sorry, I didn't find this thread sooner ;) – snayob Mar 22 at 12:28

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