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I have multiple users on one machine with FreeBSD7.3. Each user has his own site (only one). Each site is a copy of master-site with slight differences (ie. database configuration, template files).
It's like many Wordpresses with different users on one machine.

The problem is:
I've made a patch for master-site. How i can update all of this sites at once, rightly changing user permissions and ownership.

IE: I have patch like it:


And i have many users with the same directory structure and few other files:




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Here's a quick bash snippet that should do the trick for you.

I'm making an assumption that everything in /home that is a directory and matches *\.com is a site where you want to replace index.php and includes/system.php. If this logic is not suitable, you might have to make some modifications yourself.

I have tested it within limited constraints. Make sure that the ls -ld output in FreeBSD has the user in the third field and the group in the forth field. Also, --reply=yes is a GNUism. You might have to use -f or the BSD equivalent to force replacement of an existing file without interaction.

for D in `find /home -type d -name '*\.com'`
     myuser=`ls -ld $D | awk '{print $3}'`
     mygroup=`ls -ld $D | awk '{print $4}'`

     echo "Updating ${D}..."
     cp ${D}/index.php ${D}/index.php.ORIG
     cp ${D}/includes/system.php ${D}/includes/system.php.ORIG
     cp --reply=yes /path/to/temp/patch/www/index.php ${D}
     cp --reply=yes /path/to/temp/patch/www/includes/system.php ${D}/includes
     chown $myuser:$mygroup ${D}/index.php
     chown $myuser:$mygroup ${D}/includes/system.php
     echo "--------------------------------"
     echo ""
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Brilliant! Delightfully! Magnificently! – kirillorloff Jul 28 '10 at 21:08

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