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How do you think the BSD's like FreeBSD will fair in the future for servers against various distributions of Linux? Considering many servers will be moved to a cloud like environment, how will this effect the BSD's.

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Most of the BSD's can run under Xen as DomU, and according to Wikipedia,Net BSD can run as a dom0. Any cloud environment providing full virtualization (Not just paravirtualization) can run any operating system.

I think BSD will continue to be another tool to consider when you select the best tool for the job.

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Of the *BSDs:

  • FreeBSD is reliable and robust
    • DragonFly BSD is being developed with clustering in mind
  • NetBSD is portable
  • OpenBSD is secure

The BSDs will have a strong future at least in the firewall market for two reasons: security record, and OS diversity (not putting all your eggs in one basket). For other servers, only time will tell (unless NetCraft / Slashdot trolls are indicating otherwise).

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