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I was wondering if it is possible for Munin to store and display data for longer than a year?

I did Google around a bit, without much luck.

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Munin 2.0 provides a parameter for specifying how many datapoints to retain at each time resolution. For example:

graph_data_size custom 300, 15 1600, 30 3000

...means "retain 300 datapoints at 1 datapoint per 5 minutes, then retain 1600 datapoints at 1 datapoint per 75 minutes, then retain 3000 datapoints at 1 datapoint per 150 minutes".

See and for more information.

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Thanks for the answer! I'm not using Munin anymore (the question was asked 2 years ago), so I'll assume you're correct :) – Gerald Kaszuba Mar 11 '13 at 23:41

Without nothing anything specifically about Munin: if it's using RRDTool for the graphing backend, it's theoretically possible to change the RRAs to what ever you want. The practicality of doing so depends on exactly what you're trying to find out; other tools used in combination may give you a better overview of what your're trying to find out by going back "more than a year".

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