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Our app sends out many types of email notifications. On some occasions, we see that the email addresses are getting our domain appended to them.

e.g. turns into

What is causing this?

The App is running on a LAMP stack. We're using Sendmail / PEAR's Mail module.

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What happens if you send out a message from Sendmail directly via bash (sendmail -t – gravyface Jul 30 '10 at 22:13

Check your mail server's configuration for the hostname! Also, often a missing dot at the end of a name in your bind configuration might cause this!

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If you do have a wildcard record for your domain (* above) it might be that a rule in mailer config is firing which appends the domain name when searching for it.

What does the output of

dig -t any

give? anything about a valid A record or MX record?

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