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I would like to configure 2 MX records : - One MX record that identifies an email server to the domain that will handle all of the emails except one email - Another MX Record that will redirect to another email server if the address email is:

Is it possible? If yes, how can I achieve it?



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You can't do this by indicating multiple the MX records for the same (sub)domain. The mail will be delivered to the server(s) defined by your MX record regardin only the (sub)domain, without any look at the user@... Mail routing is done on the (sub)domain part only.

Possible solutions :

  • You can use subdomains, to re-route easily : . The drawback is that you have to change your email address and ask your contacts to update theirs.

  • However, there's nothing stopping that mail server being an application that forwards mail onto several other servers based on the user name of the recipient... i.e. tell your mail client to forward all incoming messages for to an other mail server.

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No. The MX record for a domain designates the SMTP server/s which are responsible for receiving mail for the whole domain.

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No, but you can designate an alternate MX record for to handle mail sent to

If you are trying to establish a secondary e-mail address for specific messages/alerts to be delivered if/when your primary mail server is down, this may meet your needs. But, I'm just speculating: it would be helpful to understand the reason why you want to designate an alternate MX record for a specific address.

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