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Task manager shows a list of processes running. How do I find out, what process is what program? Sure the list shows the name of the exe-file, but I want to know the name of the program. Also I would like to be able to get info and manage those programs.

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You can try

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+1 @talonx. One of the must have tools for windows administration. Gives real details of the processes. – Viky Jun 1 '09 at 6:46

Tasklist ( is a stock program (Windows XP and higher?) that is similar to Task Manager, but can also break down the services for you. I know this isn't exactly what you want, but it could help.

tasklist /svc

Also, as Talonx mentioned, Process Explorer ( is a great tool. Along with all of the Sysintegrals (

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Besides the obligatory, already mentioned Process Explorer, there is a free tool: ProcessScanner. It generates a detailed list of the running processes and which porgrams they are associated with. The list is shown in the web browser.

alt text

Two similar programs, which are task manangers which show additional information to the processes are "What's Running" and "DTaskManager" (scroll down). Both are free.

What's Running

alt text


alt text

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