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The only provider I know is FDC and I was hoping you guys could help me compile a list for comparison? The only requirements are that they 1) have 42U rack space and 2) have dedicated/unmetered 10Gbps+ packages. I don't care where they're located or anything else as long as those two conditions are met.

If you feel like sharing your opinions and/or experience with anyone too that'd be great, although it's not required. Thanks guys.

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I don't want to speculate in what your business is doing, but to me, this sounds as folly. I can't see how any provider would want to sell 10 Gbps uplinks without a) having metering in place (95th percentile) or b) pricing the uplink as using 10/10 Gbps at all times (costing, what, 15.000+ USD/month?).

If you're getting this at significantly less than 1- 1.50 USD per Mbps, then I would worry about a potential future SimpleCDN situation -- i.e. your upstream provider decides that you're not a profitable customer, and cuts the line.

If you want lots of cheap bandwidth, the Hurricane Electric's DCs in California are often suggested. You should look at Web Hosting Talk's offers board, as well as ask for user testimonials in their forums.

EDIT: OK, I see that FDCs "unmetered" package costs 17,000 USD/month. If you're ready to pay that kind of price, then I don't see what "unmetered" wins you. You could probably get the same pricing from HE, Cogent, and others; and it would be "metered" but even if you use 100% of your 10 Gbps, it would not be more expensive?...

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At those kinds of bandwidth you should consider peak capacity vs avg usage and method of billing (flat rate or 95%).

There is obviously no such thing as dedicated bandwidth on the internet; research -if you can- their routes to your target market.

Their pricing looks really competitive to me, better than I get from tier1's. (anyone getting < USD4 from one of the big guys?) They obviously bet on dumping a lot of the traffic over peering; if you're going to push a significant percentage to transit I would get explicit (written) guarantees on the sustainability of the pricing.

Also, you cannot underestimate either accessibility of your material or good remote hands!

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I can't name names but we're getting 10Gb unmetered for $1USD from one provider and $1.25USD from another provider - and trust me, they're big guys! – Publiccert Jan 10 '11 at 0:53

We have cabinets over at Steadfast Networks over in Chicago. They offer full 42U cabinets and do 10 Gbps network connections.

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