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I`ve faced with strange problem.

When I uploaded files via FTP (using FileZilla as FTP-client) to server with FreeBSD7.3, i see strange things: some (4-5%) of all uploaded files changed their contents to another files.

Ie. i upload these files:

big-file.php (100Kb)
small-file.php (15Kb)

I`ve get these:

big-file.php (15Kb)
small-file.php (100Kb)

And contents of these files is changed!

After that, i upload one more time - and files uploaded normally, except 1-2%. One more time - and all of them are normal.
Sometimes i need get to the specified folder, take a look of filenames and filesizes and (if there is differnet between server and my repository) upload one more time.

What is that? Anybody had it?

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This looks like a known issue in FileZilla, where file names are swapped around when you transfer multiple files. The author blames the FTP server, though considering that such bugs also occur with sftp, which doesn't use the FTP protocol, I find this claim dubious.

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Thnx, Gilles! Using another FTP-client (FAR manager) decided my problem. – kirillorloff Aug 1 '10 at 12:08

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