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can we install IIS to Windows Mobile 6.1 ? As I Have develop a web application in >net and I want to use that same application in Windows Mobile 6.1 ,PDA, as offline application. Ya Surely I will implement that one with Sql server CE but to run it I have to host it on PDA. So can we host it there???

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Short answer, no, IIS wont run on Windows Mobile.

Long answer (read: alternate solution), your best developing a WinForms (mobile) version using SQL CE.

If you write your code well, place all your business logic within the same assembly, then you can build a regular web interface ( and/or which will implement your business logic, the write the aformentioned WinForms Mobile version, implementing the same class library for business logic.

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so at the end I have to develop mobile version for interface .... and there is no way that I can use that web version because of IIS absence ... right – Azhar Aug 2 '10 at 7:29
Yes; however, if your PDAs have internet access, they could access the same web interface as everyone else. – Nate Aug 2 '10 at 15:03

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