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I successfully installed application under my BlueHost account. I was following the official installation guide without any error. Point #8 says that I can test the installation by running WEBrick web server and accessing it via lynx http://localhost:3000/ from the Bluehost server. Well it works but when I try from outside I got "parking page".

I contacted BH support and was told that it is because I still have default.html (0B of size) in the root directory. That I need to replace it with index.html from the RoR application. I guess I have to do something about .htaccess and dispatch.fcgi that are in public directory of redmine.

  • I created new 'redmine' subdomain under my account. It created new 'redmine' directory inside ~/public_html/
  • then I checked out the source code inside ~/public_html/redmine so I have ~/public_html/redmine/public directory

Q1: did I install redmine source code in the correct directory? Q2: what can I do to make redmine accessible world wide?

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put your code in ~/redmine
backup a ~/redmine/public directory
make symlink of ~/public_html to ~/redmine/public
put backup contents to ~/redmine/public
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@varjo: I don't know how to make the symlink. I have two directories /home5/onalllev/redmine/public/ and /home5/onalllev/public_html/redmine/ where /home5/onalllev/public_html contains all my domains and subdomains. I guess that /home5/onalllev/public_html/redmine should contains all the files that are in /home5/onalllev/redmine/public/ right now. But I do not know how to do it. Should both directories exist when running ln -s? What is the exact syntax. I tried but I am just getting public inside `/home5/onalllev/public_html/redmine/ – Radek Aug 2 '10 at 9:36
okay, try this: put redmine into /home5/onalllev/redmine move /home5/onalllev/redmine/public to /home5/onalllev/redmine/public1 make symlink for public_html by this command: ln -s /home5/onalllev/redmine/public /home5/onalllev/public_html/redmine/ move all contents from /home5/onalllev/redmine/public1 to /home5/onalllev/redmine/public and remove public1 dir – ghloogh Aug 2 '10 at 10:24
@varjo: that is exactly what I was doing. But it creates @public link inside /home5/onalllev/public_html/redmine/ is that what we want? The /home5/onalllev/public_html/redmine/ directory has to exist otherwise I get an error. – Radek Aug 2 '10 at 12:11
I created new question for that… – Radek Aug 2 '10 at 12:35
it looks much better now at least I get some error ;-) – Radek Aug 2 '10 at 12:57

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